Cure Burnout, Learn to Delegate, and Get More Done: An Unstoppable Woman Spotlight

By Amira Alvarez

This episode is part of our special Unstoppable Woman Spotlight Series. Today we’re talking with the phenomenal Devon Clement, who has provided new parents with confidence, peace of mind, and sleep since 2008! Devon has a story that I think is so important to share. She came to me wanting to scale her business, assuming she’d have to change tracks completely – but after some crucial talks, she discovered that her best route is actually to expand her business to new cities! Make sure to really examine which path you’re taking, why you’re heading there, and whether you should consider another course completely before you start sprinting to your next goal. This is essential!

What To Listen For

  • Cure burnout for good – learn to delegate better and get more done
  • Fall in love with your business again
  • How to be successful in a caregiving profession (and not feel bad about it either!)
  • Drop all the busywork – focus on growth instead
  • You’ve raised your standards, but your friends are still at the same level. Now what?
  • Stop worrying about how it “should” be done – find a solution that works for you!
  • Having trouble seeing yourself as the CEO? Listen in!


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About Devon:

Devon Clement has been providing new parents with confidence, peace of mind, and SLEEP since 2008. She’s based in NYC but works all over the world teaching, coaching, and training.

You can find Devon Clement at:


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