Three Methods for Making More Money With Confidence

By Amira Alvarez

Are you truly worthy of all you desire? This is the question that’s often present in our minds – subconsciously, underneath the surface… but affecting our every move. So in today’s podcast episode, we’re unpacking this feeling of inadequacy and which fears it’s tied to for you. This nagging question is at the core of much of what’s holding you back from the levels of success that you desire… because if you don’t think you’re worthy of it, you won’t be able to receive it and enjoy it!

What To Listen For

  • You are the only one that can deem yourself worthy or unworthy
  • The three methods for making more money in your business
  • How to charge more and feel confident about it
  • Stop undervaluing yourself – you deserve a stellar support team (and how to get one)
  • The two ways to show that you merit recognition
  • You don’t grow by showing up perfect already
  • What is your environment telling you about your self-image?

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