How Our Addiction to Struggle Holds Us Back

By Amira Alvarez

Some of my best thoughts and ideas come to me during my morning walks. I couldn’t wait to share today’s knowledge with you guys, so this episode was recorded mid-walk! Please be aware that this is not a studio recording, and the sound quality may vary.

Resisting ease and being attached to struggle causes so many of us incredible stress, pain and anxiety. And in most cases, this is self-induced and unnecessary.

I know because this used to be my reality. I was addicted to the hard, to the idea that to get ahead and make significant money, it had to be a struggle. But this is so far from the truth it’s crazy! Listen to the new episode to learn how I was finally able to break free from this toxic cycle and unlock the door to TRUE freedom!

What To Listen For

  • Change your conditioning so you can decide for yourself what’s right and what’s wrong [5:33]
  • Reframing your breakup into an opportunity for growth [10:46]
  • The power of surrounding yourself with people that match your desired mindset [12:05]


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