Harness Your Greatest Power and Jumpstart Your 2022

By Amira Alvarez

The other day we talked about getting grounded and starting 2022 with a clean slate. We pinpointed all the negative things we were holding onto from the past year… so we could release them and start fresh for a successful, profitable 2022.

We dug deep. We got real. And now it’s time for the fun part! You see, nature abhors a vacuum, and by letting go of something of a lower nature, you made room for something of a higher nature (something you REALLY want) to come in. This is the Law of Sacrifice at play.

But you have to be careful here… you don’t want that free space to fill up with just ANYTHING.

That’s a recipe for falling back into old habits and ending up right back where you are right now (or worse!) in a year’s time.

This is where your greatest power comes in. It’s time to utilize the ONE thing that will allow you to get totally clear here and position your business for massive growth in 2022! Ready to get started? Start listening now!

What To Listen For

  • Once you let go of what’s not working, what are you filling the vacuum with in 2022? [2:03]
  • The #1 most important end-of-year reflection question to ask yourself (so many people skip this—learn why it’s so essential!) [4:59]
  • How to enhance the way you see yourself so your bank account reaps the rewards! [8:22]

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