How to Manage Your Emotions On Your Entrepreneurial Journey

By Amira Alvarez

Do you find yourself resisting your feelings in your business? Are you trying to move forward without really acknowledging your true feelings? Getting caught up in your feelings, of course, doesn’t work… but ignoring them entirely is NOT the answer!

In this episode of Coaching Uncut, I speak with a client who is stressing about some financial aspects of her business, and it’s triggering a lot of emotions. Listen in as I guide her through a process that allows her to feel her feelings without letting them overwhelm her—and how you can apply it to your own experience in your business!

What To Listen For
  • Introduction [0:00]
  • You need to approach circumstances with an expectation of “It’s going to work!” [3:30]
  • How to have your feelings, without letting them overwhelm you [4:36]
  • A tip for when you’re working at home for long hours [9:57]
  • Review & Wrap-up [13:07]

This coaching call has been recorded with permission. Please be aware that this is not a studio recording, and the sound quality may vary.


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