Moving out of Scarcity and Owning Your Worth: Unstoppable Woman Spotlight

By Amira Alvarez

This episode is part of our very special Unstoppable Woman Spotlight Series. Today we’re talking with Tess Krebs, co-owner, CEO, chief designer, and creative visionary for McKree Properties LLC about what it really takes to scale and grow a business plus what’s it like being in a business partnership with your life partner. Along with her partner in life and business – Rich McFadden – McKree has been buying, renovating, and selling homes for over 14 years. We’re getting into all the nitty-gritty details, including how to build your brand, how to stop putting things off and getting stuck in perfection, and how to finally trust your partner and make sure you’re working in sync. Then we turn the tables for a juicy conversation with her partner Rich so you hear it from both sides!

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What To Listen For

  • Identifying the daily habits that are blocking you (and your business!) from achieving the wealth you desire
  • Are you trapped in an unattainable itch to be perfect? How to stop demonizing the mirror & get yourself out of that toxic place
  • If not now, when? STOP putting things off – it’s preventing you from stepping into success and the life that you truly want
  • How to stop projecting your insecurities onto others
  • Get into the growth mindset!
  • The key to hiring people who balance you out
  • How to achieve a burning desire for success
  • The importance of building your brand
  • Claiming your power and your desires as an entrepreneur
  • The challenge of looking within yourself and recognizing your flaws – how to make sure your ego doesn’t get in the way
  • Building trust with your partner & developing a common language
  • How to stop nitpicking so you can let go, trust your team, and start delegating tasks with grace


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About Tess:

Tess is co-owner, CEO, chief designer, and the creative visionary for McKree Properties, LLC a Kentucky-based home renovation company. Along with her partner, Rich McFadden, their core crew, a full cast of subcontractors, and a private investment team – McKree Properties has been buying, renovating, and selling homes for over 14 years. To Tess and McKree, houses are vibrant and dynamic beings. From purchase to construction to sale, they see every house as the unique home it wants to be. Every house has an ideal form – a spirit, if you will – and through thoughtful work and design they strive to bring this spirit forward; creating not only a house but a home.

Tess is a dedicated entrepreneur and creative talent. A forever theatre artist, she holds an MFA in Acting from Brandeis University and was the chef/owner of a Louisville-based catering business for over 20 years. “‘Tis to create, and in creating live a being more intense…” (Byron) – is her life-long motto. Tess uses her experience as an artist and theatre creator to re-imagine and bring to life unique designs that speak to the true heart of each house.

About Rich:

Rich McFadden is Co-owner and Chief of Construction at McKree Properties, LLC. He is the construction mentor and master. Rich knows everything about creating physical space and structure and then some. He was a Navy Seabee and an electric lineman before partnering with Tess and starting McKree in 2006. His vast knowledge, skillset, and fearlessness mix well with his down to earth attitude and wealth of colloquialisms and how to’s when it comes to building a home and turning on the lights.

You can find Tess Krebs at:

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