Permission To Be Rich

By Amira Alvarez

I work so hard and put in so much effort into my business, so why is it that I can’t ever seem to get ahead?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, listen up! We’ve got a new juicy episode in store for you where we’re unpacking your double binds around money.

If running your business feels hard or like a grind, this ALL ties back to your money blocks. Before you can start achieving the income you desire, you have to make yourself available for it. You have to give yourself permission to be rich! Let’s break this all down (and so much more) in the new episode!

What To Listen For

  • Learn how to manipulate your ‘upper limit’ so you can continue growing in your business [1:39]
  • How judging others and faultfinding affect your money story [7:56]
  • Spend more to make more (hear me out!) [14:12]
  • Money follows authority, so start being the authority in all realms of your life. This is how you create freedom! [24:52]

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