Stop Impressing Others – Start Expressing Yourself!

By Amira Alvarez

In this Coaching Uncut Series, we take you behind the scenes and allow you to listen in to the coaching I do with clients so you can learn right along with them! All of these coaching calls have been recorded with permission from my clients.

Do you often compare yourself to people who seem to exude confidence? You wouldn’t be alone – it’s human nature to compare! You might think to yourself, “They’re so much more confident than me,” but there are SO many different ways that confidence can be expressed! Instead, try asking yourself, “How can I start showing up differently to express confidence in my own way?” Listen to today’s episode to learn more about expressing your own confidence instead of trying to impress others!

What To Listen For

  • Confidence can be expressed in a variety of ways – how to figure out what feels right for you [2:02]
  • How to get over your fear of judgment [7:20]
  • Every individual has multiple sides to their personality. How do you know when to reveal what? Listen in to find out! [15:22]

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