The Three Ways to Make More Money: The Freedom Equation

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, we’ll be diving into the Freedom Equation, which is a simple math equation that you must know to make your income breakthrough! We also explore juicy topics such as whether it’s true that “money can’t buy you happiness,” the mind tricks that similar common phrases are playing on you, and the complicated issue of role models and mentors. Finally, listen up and learn about your “success thermostat” – and why none of this matters until you can manipulate it.

What To Listen For

  • The 3 fundamental ways to make more money
  • What success is based on – hard work or luck? Is it based on background/education or raw talent?
  • The simple math equation you need to know to make money
  • How to recognize & get rid of the blind spots in your thinking
  • “Money can’t buy you happiness” – or can it? Exploring the mind tricks that common phrases are playing on you
  • How you’re holding yourself back from the paycheck you desire
  • The subtleties of mentor-mentee dynamics – how to know when to listen up and when to do your own thing
  • When to use your emotions to facilitate your journey, and when to leave them at the door
  • The secrets to making an “income breakthrough”
  • How to make sure you consistently stick with your plan
  • Your “success thermostat” – how it’s keeping you down, and how to manipulate it
  • The exact step where 99% of people fail in the journey to goal achievement
  • How to amplify your life through action

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