Unpacking the Episode: Is Your Relationship Hindering Growth?

By Amira Alvarez

In this bonus episode, we’ll be taking a look “behind the curtain” as we unpack episode 23, where I got personal talking about my divorce. In this bonus episode, we’re diving deeper as Sarah on Team Unstoppable asks me some pointed questions about relationships, the power of love, where security comes from, and yes, even sex! If you haven’t listened to that episode, we highly recommend you check it out.

What To Listen For

  • Owning yourself, being yourself, and loving yourself
  • How many get stuck in a mindset that constantly says, “I don’t want to be wrong or bad”
  • Holding myself to a higher standard
  • The key to loving yourself – It sounds simple, but this was mind-blowing for me!
  • Understanding where love, acceptance, and security truly come from and shifting your mindset around this
  • What I want most for my clients
  • My advice if you know your marriage isn’t serving you – It’s more than just think pretty thoughts
  • My advice if you’re on the fence about what direction to take in your relationship
  • Hindsight is 20/20 – Subtle ways in which I now know I was making myself small
  • An all-important question to ask yourself, not just for relationships, but for life
  • Realizing we wanted different things and arriving at the decision to set each other free
  • Living my truth and acting quickly
  • Divorce is not the answer for everyone
  • Stepping into my sexual energy (Check out Kim Anami’s link below. I highly recommend!)
  • The connection between sexuality and the suppression of self from my perspective

Kim Anami


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