What to Do When Your Customer Wants to “Shop Around”

By Amira Alvarez

In this coaching call, we cover a lot – from what it means when a prospective client says they’re shopping around,” to how to process your emotions (even those of grief) by applying both the Law of Vibration and the technique of pre-deciding. This is NOT about suppressing your emotions, but transforming them and setting yourself up for success in your business, even when things are hard. Listen and learn from this episode, and enjoy!

What To Listen For
  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Customers who “shop around” are not always your ideal clients – here’s why. [2:50]
  • Double binds – what they are, and how to overcome them [4:39]
  • Aligning your attitude with the results that you want [6:32]
  • How to control your emotions without suppressing them [12:49]
  • Review & Wrap-up [14:34]

This coaching call has been recorded with permission. Please be aware that this is not a studio recording, and the sound quality may vary.


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