You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Sell | Andrea Waltz

By Amira Alvarez

There are so many people who want so badly to break out of a stagnant place in their business, but they feel paralyzed. They want to turn things around and be successful, and they’re willing to do the work—but they find themselves stuck and unable to sell.

What’s up with that?? It has a lot to do with perfectionism, fear of rejection, and 1 more thing… and we’re unpacking it all in today’s episode where I’m interviewing the brilliant Andrea Waltz! For almost two decades, Andrea has been teaching people how to think and feel differently about rejection to achieve their goals and dreams. Tune in to hear her expert advice!

What To Listen For
  • It’s time to give yourself permission to fail (don’t worry… the endpoint is massive success!) [7:26]
  • How to respond to (and overcome) the NO in sales [16:47]
  • You say you want it badly enough… but do you? (Here’s how to tell) [34:15]

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About Andrea Waltz:

Andrea Waltz is the co-founder of Courage Crafters, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.
For almost two decades, Andrea has been teaching people in virtually every business and industry how to think and feel differently about failure, rejection, and the word, “no” to achieve their goals and dreams.
The “Go for No” strategy has been featured in online and offline magazines and journals including Success Magazine, Inc., Forbes, and many others. Today, “go for no” is a well-known methodology in the world of sales and widely recognized as the singular best program that deals with rejection in business.

Find Andrea At:

Instagram: @GoforNo

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