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Create Your Own Security: How to Build Security Regardless of Outside Circumstances

By Amira Alvarez In this special episode, we’ll be talking about the ways you can create security in these uncertain times. I know that the COVID-19 crisis is affecting us all in different ways and that many business owners are experiencing some anxiety over the rapid economic shifts we are currently experiencing as…

Unpacking the Episode: A Deeper Look at the Manifestation Matrix

By Amira Alvarez In this bonus episode, we’ll be taking a look behind the curtain as we unpack episodes 5 and 6, which covered mastering the Manifestation Matrix to level up your life. In this special, behind-the-scenes episode,  Sarah on Team Unstoppable will be asking Amira some pointed questions to help you understand…

How to Have it ALL – Using the Manifestation Matrix to Level-Up your Life Part2

By Amira Alvarez In this episode, we’ll be continuing our discussion of the Manifestation Matrix and how to use this powerful tool to actualize your goals. We’re going to get real about what it really takes, the methodology, and the necessary steps that must be taken to create success. We’re going to be…

Demystify Success: How to Use Universal Law as a Stepping Stone to Greatness

By Amira Alvarez In this episode, I’ll be talking about the Laws of Success otherwise known as Universal Law or Natural Law. Learning these laws has completely revolutionized not only how I’ve gone about running my business, but also how I live my life. They’ve been instrumental in helping me navigate the growth…

Be Unstoppable: The Truth About What it Takes to be an Unstoppable Woman

By Amira Alvarez In this episode, I’ll be discussing what it takes to be an unstoppable woman. Not only will I be addressing how to be unstoppable in your business, but I’ll be taking a wider perspective and diving into all aspects of life including, health and wellness, relationships, spirituality, environment, and sense…

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