How to Change Your Mindset to Sell More

By Amira Alvarez

You’ve heard me say it a million times if you’ve been listening to this podcast – sales is a service. But most people don’t realize this! This is one of the biggest blocks that business owners have around sales. But the truth is, you’re not taking anything from someone when you make a sale. You are giving them the solution to their current problem!

Tune in for a special peek into the teaching I do at The Income Breakthrough Summit, where you will learn how to master the sales conversation and convert more prospects into clients!

What To Listen For
  • Intro [0:00]
  • Here’s what NOT to do when you feel like you can’t get ahead (and how to ‘create’ more time instead!) [1:02]
  • How do you sell? What is sales? [3:51]
  • Where there’s confusion, there is a lie [10:05]
  • Everyone has a bad sales experience, and this can get in the way of rising business owners [11:36]
  • The questions to ask in a sales conversation (and how to bring these up naturally) [13:54]
  • Closing [17:52]

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