The Importance of Mental Health for Entrepreneurs | Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Diann Wingert

By Amira Alvarez

As an entrepreneur, have you ever felt like you’ve got a case of the squirrel brain”? This is super common – the entrepreneurial lifestyle can take a toll on mental health! When I first started my business, I felt this way all the time. It was like there was so much to do that I wasn’t quite sure where to spend my time at any given moment… which led me to jump from project to project… getting distracted by shiny object syndrome and never really making TRUE progress in my business.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m so excited to share this episode where I’m breaking down exactly how to get out of this pattern with Diann Wingert—psychotherapist and self-proclaimed ADHD-powered entrepreneur! She’s an expert on the intersection of mindset, mental health, and entrepreneurship. Listen in to discover her recipe for success!

What To Listen For

  • Learning to take 100% personal responsibility for your experience (and how this will allow you to show up as the powerful creator that you truly are!) [11:58]
  • Why burnout is really all about resentment [16:48]
  • Entrepreneurs are more likely to have mental health conditions–let’s unpack that! [19:55]

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About Diann Wingert:

Diann Wingert is a business mindset coach for solopreneurs. During her previous career as a psychotherapist, Diann worked with hundreds of ambitious individuals who struggled to achieve the success they desired. After recognizing that therapy was really not the answer, she trained & certified as a coach to shift the conversation from problems to possibilities.

Diann is an expert on the intersection of mindset, mental health, and entrepreneurship and her passion is helping others make a living while making a difference. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Portland and is a coffee lover, Peloton enthusiast, and host of The Driven Woman Podcast.

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