Family Triggers: Confronting Your Internal Conflicts and Belief Systems

By Amira Alvarez

In today’s new podcast episode, we’re talking all about family dynamics! That’s right, let’s get ahead of the curve and figure out how to move through any triggered reactions that may come up for you this Thanksgiving. That includes eliminating any of your dysfunctional behavior in family relationships – so you can step into a deeper level of gratitude. The way you’re showing up there is no doubt spreading to the rest of your life, too – whether that’s your business, your relationship, or your health – and it’s time to clean that up. Find out how to reverse the pattern, drop the justification stories, and move up to a higher level – for good!

What To Listen For

    • Are you following your growth directive?
    • How to stop being stuck at the same level and consciously change your self-image
    • Drop the justification story – it’s time to let that s*#t go!
    • Step into a deeper level of gratitude
    • Confronting your internal conflicts and belief systems
    • Be grateful for seeing exactly how you need to grow


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