How to Change the Dynamics in Relationships: Coaching Uncut

By Amira Alvarez

In this Coaching Uncut Series we take you behind the scenes and allow you to listen in to the coaching I do with clients so you can learn right along with them! All of these coaching calls have been recorded with permission from my clients. Please be aware that these are not studio recordings and the sound quality may vary.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to change the dynamics in your relationships! It’s so important to learn how to respond to situations, and not just react to them – especially if you’re often finding yourself reacting in a negative way. Listen up to today’s special episode so you can learn how to take back control of your attitude, your emotions, and ultimately – your life!

What To Listen For

  • How to take things seriously, not personally
  • Be free and powerful – stop blaming others & start taking ownership of your life!
  • How to hold yourself to a higher standard and start crushing your goals
  • Any attention is not good attention… learn to break your unhealthy attention-seeking behavior
  • The dangers of rose-colored glasses – why optimism isn’t always a good thing
  • Learn to respond, not react!

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