How to Plan a Successful Virtual Event in Less Than a Month Part 1

By Amira Alvarez

How the heck did we plan an awesome virtual event in just three and a half weeks?! We took virtual to the next level and got rave reviews. Now, in this episode, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing how we actually pulled off a virtual summit from conception to execution in 3.5 week– giving you ALL our tips and strategies, the nitty-gritty details you might be wondering about as you plan your own virtual event, and where we got it right and where we got it very wrong. Learn from our experience… trust me, it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows!

What To Listen For

  • Why I attended a training on virtual summits 3.5 weeks before I hosted my own – and how I managed to make mine work
  • How many hours should your virtual event be? This is important
  • What your guests will resent if you don’t get it right
  • Staying on schedule – how I did it
  • What worked and what didn’t work
  • Communication is key!!
  • How to handle the stress & use it to fuel you
  • The power of your team – verifying that you actually have enough people, and, most importantly, making sure it’s the right team
  • How to utilize your leadership team’s energy wisely
  • The value of a Q&A segment during your event
  • The importance of your attitude
  • How we divvied up the roles & responsibilities of the event within our team
  • Being a good leader – it will reward you in so many ways
  • How to make sure the event flows well
  • When to hire outside help – and how to know when you need it
  • What planning is required to execute an awesome virtual event within a short timeframe

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