How to Plan a Successful Virtual Event in Less Than a Month Part 2

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, we’re continuing our discussion of how to plan and execute a virtual summit. Keep in mind, we did everything – marketing and promotion, planning it out by minute-by-minute, you name it! – in just three and a half weeks. We didn’t do it all perfectly, but listen up so you can learn from our lessons and take a stab at hosting your own virtual event with the confidence of an unstoppable woman!

What To Listen For

    • How to facilitate networking and community at a virtual event
    • Ensuring that your guests listen to your fundamental content at a different level of awareness
    • Creating a diverse & inclusive digital event
    • Managing & organizing breakout rooms so that they’re a highlight of guests’ experience
    • How to know what NOT to focus on – deciding what’s essential when it’s crunch time
    • Making love to the numbers–what data you need to be tracking
    • Virtual is different – how to masterfully engage with your audience via video
    • Managing customer support
    • Are you offering a VIP upgrade? How to do it and how to make it worth it!
    • Building up energy and anticipation before the start of your event
    • How to keep the energy flowing between the presenter and the audience
    • Do what the experts tell you to do!

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