Keeping a Positive Attitude When Life Gets in the Way

By Amira Alvarez

How do you maintain positive energy, even through life’s ups and downs? There are already so many things we have to handle within our business, but when “life”—your health, kids, parents, relationships—starts happening, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Listen to this episode to learn the 10 things you can do to maintain that positive energy when “life” gets in the way.

What To Listen For
  • Intro [0:00]
  • Get it all out of your system (and how to appreciate what’s happening) [6:47]
  • Take yourself out of your current environment – physically or mentally [11:11]
  • Stop overthinking and dive into a big project (but there’s a caveat here) [16:19]
  • Stay healthy! [19:38]
  • Wrap-up & Closing [21:50]

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