Pull Yourself Out of The Shame Spiral for Good

By Amira Alvarez

In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about accountability. How can you make sure you consistently stay accountable to your dreams and goals? This is so critical – but it’s also super tricky to master. When you start to approach a new level in life, your subconscious steps in with all types of distractions, making you see other obligations as more important than going after your goal. But here’s the thing, you guys: it does it in a way that makes sense to you! It’ll say things that seem perfectly reasonable and legitimate, like “The kids need your attention more than anything else!” or “This new business strategy is what I need to focus on right now.” So how is this coming up for you? Let’s unpack that, so you can break the cycle and focus on the needle-moving actions required!

What To Listen For

  • Stop wasting energy – pull yourself out of the shame spiral for good
  • What self-image are you playing out through your patterns? And how to break the cycle!
  • Making your desire greater than your fear so you can break through your upper limit
  • How to build your accountability muscle
  • Learn to stop fueling your fears & doubts – and put an end to self-sabotage
  • 3 ways to get back on track to achieving your goals


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