Join Amira Live! | Reinvent Your Self-Image for Financial Success

By Amira Alvarez

In this special series Join Amira Live, we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain by showcasing some of my most powerful teachings from prior Summits. Stay tuned for stories from real women just like you who have taken this information and ran with it to make their income breakthrough!

Am I going to make payroll? Am I going to be able to take my kids on that trip? Is that price tag really worth it?” If you frequently find yourself asking questions like these, I hate to break it to you, but you may be living in fear of money.

When I first started out in my business, this was 100% me. I did not understand that I needed to be someone who was AT EASE with money in order to scale my business. I wasn’t aware that my self-image was a huge determinant of how much money I could or couldn’t make. Listen to this episode to learn exactly how to reinvent your self-image for financial success!

What To Listen For

  • Stop being a slave to money so you can finally start living more of your life the way you want [2:08]
  • Why sales isn’t so evil (and how to utilize sales techniques to get anything you desire) [7:13]
  • How to rewrite your money story [16:08]
  • Life is a checkerboard—the player opposite you is time [27:43]

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