Step Away From Scarcity Thinking and Build a New Self-Image

By Amira Alvarez

Why are you stuck in indecision? That’s the crucial question for today’s episode. Are you constantly saying you want something – some end goal – but you find that you can’t even decide what your first step is? Or what to do next? Looking at your options, you’re unclear on which path to take – it all seems so overwhelming. So you end up in confusion and indecision. But here’s the thing: the ability to make quick decisions is one of the critical attributes of success. So let’s get you back on track – make a decision to change so you can build a new self-image and expand your growth mindset!

What To Listen For

  • Indecision is a decision
  • Your self-image drives your ability to see the opportunities you’re presented with
  • How your upbringing influences your money mindset
  • The importance of taking an honest look at your results
  • Using your intuition to make quick decisions
  • How to step away from scarcity thinking and build a new self-image
  • Stop over-depending on the approval of others


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