Join Amira Live! | Stop Juggling, Start Thriving: Utilize the Manifestation Matrix

By Amira Alvarez

In this special series Join Amira Live, we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain by showcasing some of my most powerful teachings from prior Summits. Stay tuned for stories from real women just like you who have taken this information and ran with it to make their income breakthrough!

As a leader, you want to create a lit-up life and achieve the killer business results you know you’re capable of. But more often than not, you’re exhausted after working long hours, torn between work and your personal life, and terrified you’ll never achieve the level of success you aspire towards.

So how can you stop bumping up against the same old barriers and actualize what you want?

Let’s break this all down (and more!) We’re diving deep into the Manifestation Matrix, a methodology that deconstructs what it takes to actualize your business goals and achieve the lit-up life you desire. Listen to discover how to use this powerful tool to stop juggling and start thriving in your life and business!

What To Listen For

  • Deconstructing the specific steps of the Manifestation Matrix (​​01:28)
  • Overcome your fear of failure by having a goal worth falling on your friggin’ face for!   (​​02:56)
  • Are you going to go out and get what you want, or are you going to make an excuse? How to stay persistent in your pursuit! (​​09:17)
  • Procrastination kills ambition—how to overcome it for good! (​​18:28)
  • The Law of Attraction: you get what you expect (​​26:11)

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