Is Your Relationship Hindering Growth? A Look At My Divorce

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, I’m getting very personal and talking about my divorce. I’ll be sharing with you how and why my ex and I arrived at the decision to set each other free from what was, in many ways, a really good marriage. I want to preface this episode by saying that I am not pro-divorce, I am very much pro-love, and this truly is the love episode. Throughout the next 30 minutes or so, you’ll hear me speak of my own experience with love, acceptance, belonging, and growth.

What To Listen For

  • The question that burdens the mind of many high-achieving women in relationships
  • Where this question really stems from
  • Do success and divorce correlate?
  • Was my divorce a product of my financial success?
  • The fundamental issue that can hold us back as human beings
  • Where love, safely, and belonging come from
  • Why I’m extraordinarily grateful for my marriage
  • Growing my level of awareness
  • Confronting the truth around what happens when you don’t love yourself
  • Taking 100% personal responsibility
  • Compromise is necessary – but don’t compromise too much of yourself
  • Full self-ownership means not shrinking in ANY part of your life
  • Owning who I truly wanted to be
  • Feeling like I wasn’t sexual
  • Discussing what we were tolerating – what we were okay with and what we weren’t
  • Wanting different things
  • The decision to set each other free – a massive act of love that was not taken lightly
  • Couples that walk the path differently and grow together
  • Learning to love myself and committing to my path
  • My current relationship

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