Stop Letting Fear of Disappointment Hold You Back- Do This Instead

By Amira Alvarez

You must build the habit of acting, even though you don’t always know what will happen as a result of that action – even when the future is uncertain. In today’s episode, we’re talking all about breaking through! If you want to level up in your life and your business, you have to act in anticipation – and test yourself so you can see whether you’re capable of working at that higher level. Yes, you must do this before you know whether it will work out! I know it sounds scary, but with the actionable advice from today’s episode, you’ll feel so much more prepared to tackle this head-on – so you can finally start getting the results you want!

What To Listen For

  • Have you diminished your belief in yourself?
  • Don’t allow rejection to keep you from trying again (and again… and again!)
  • Why resistance is a good thing – and how to learn to embrace that
  • How to recognize when your subconscious is distracting you
  • Learn to move towards the pain, not away from it
  • How the fear of disappointment is holding you back in monumental ways – and what to do about it
  • Persistence is a state of mind!


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