A $1.2 Billion Business in 8 Years: Deconstructing Jamie Kern Lima’s Path to Freedom

By Amira Alvarez

How do you go from having less than $1,000 in your checking account to selling your company for $1.2 billion dollars?

That’s the topic of this episode of Deconstructing Freedom, a special series on the Unstoppable Woman Podcast where we look the journeys of women entrepreneurs who have reached high levels of achievement in business and deconstruct their stories to understand what lead to their phenomenal financial success, but also their emotional and mental freedom.

In today’s episode, we’re deconstructing the incredible path of Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics.

What To Listen For

  • Success through the lens of Universal Law and the Manifestation Matrix
  • Persistence and overcoming rejection
  • Applying consistent, hard work to an idea
  • Selling her company to L’Oreal for $1.2 BILLION
  • Becoming the FIRST female CEO of a major cosmetics company
  • Women as senior executives by the numbers
  • Making the 2019 Forbes Richest Self-Made Women List
  • Dedication, emotional investment, faith, certitude, belief, and sacrifice
  • Jamie’s early years
  • The first person in her family to…
  • Breaking free of limitations
  • Look for something beyond your current environment that calls you forward
  • This girl is NOT afraid of hard work
  • Being selective in who you choose to listen to
  • Working at Denny’s
  • Getting fired (Ouch!)
  • Successful people help others
  • Forgiving and releasing your past
  • Becoming Miss Washington
  • Starring on Season 1 of Big Brother
  • Deciding what to pay attention to
  • Getting her MBA from Columbia
  • Setting bigger and bigger goals
  • Her dream of being a news anchor – and the low salary that went with it
  • Not letting money drive her decisions
  • Fluctuating weight and catching hell from producers
  • Viewers’ letters
  • Turning pain into gain
  • A rosacea flare
  • Desperation to find something to solve her problem
  • Creating her own product
  • The Law of Polarity – Big problems have big solutions
  • Obsession
  • What she did on her honeymoon
  • Quitting her job without a safety net
  • Hundreds of rejections
  • Less than $1,000 in her bank account
  • The man who told her nobody would buy from her
  • Unshakable belief
  • Her first appearance on QVC
  • Taking a huge risk
  • Doing it her way – Aligning with her mission and values
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • My questions for Jamie


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