Style, Sex, and Raising Your Self-Worth

By Amira Alvarez

Today’s episode is all about the link between your personal style, your self-image and sense of worth, and how that relates to raising your game in your life and your business. Learn to bring power to your presence and how to raise your success thermostat by improving your self-image. We cover that and so much more in this enlightening episode – I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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What To Listen For

  • Dressing for success actually works?! How clothes can influence your performance, thinking, and focus
  • Understanding how your self-image is structured in your formative years – so you can reverse the negative perspectives you’re holding on to
  • Small decisions that will help you level up in a big way
  • How to own all of your desires, so you can finally express yourself in full
  • Creating your own security in the world
  • Be pretty, but not too pretty! Talking back to the confining binaries placed on women
  • The law of polarity & how it applies to your self-image
  • Is your urge to add that shiny new thing to your cart inspired by desire… or some type of fear?
  • The double binds that were keeping me small as I moved into adulthood – and how I pulled them out by their roots
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
  • How to manipulate your success thermostat so you can continue growing!
  • The idea that women can’t be both sexy & smart – of course it’s ridiculous, but be mindful of this sneaky way it can mess with your mindset anyway…
  • How your parents’ worldviews can impact you well into adulthood – and how to reverse the effects
  • The idea of “role models” may sound corny, but it will help you step into your power!


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