The 6 Levels of Business Consciousness | An Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Loren Trlin

By Amira Alvarez

This episode is part of our special Unstoppable Woman Spotlight Series. Today we’re talking with Loren Trlin, host of the podcast The Modern Alchemist and founder of The Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator and The Creatrix Codes. Loren is a master manifester and is no stranger to the process of emotional healing. Today she shares with us how once she started working on her relationship with herself...everything else unfolded for her. Listen in to learn how victim consciousness can be holding you back from growth.

What To Listen For

  • The six levels of business consciousness (and how they show where we need to improve!)
  • How childhood trauma can impact your relationship with money
  • Learn to surrender in your life and business without being passive or weak
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, discover how it’s always a return on investment!


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About Loren:

Loren Trlin is a human consciousness and mindset expert helping entrepreneurs and change-makers create large-scale impact in the world. She’s the founder of The Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator and The Creatrix Codes™ guiding coaches and entrepreneurs around the world to step into their full abundant potential through business strategy, money mindset, and vibrational alignment. Loren hosts The Modern Alchemist™ podcast, sharing the wisdom and strategies of some of the biggest change-makers in the world.

Loren is an Aussie currently residing between Australia and the US and enjoying adventures with her puppy Fernando!

You can find Loren Trlin at:

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