Unpacking Style, Sex, and Raising your Self-Worth

By Amira Alvarez

Today’s episode is all about the psychology of what you wear. We’re diving deeper into our discussion on style! You might be working from home during quarantine, and I know it’s so tempting to just roll out of bed and throw on your comfiest yoga pants. But what if you dressed like the woman you want to be? What you choose to wear – and, most importantly, how it makes you feel – will subconsciously affect so much more than you know! Today, I’m joined by Sarah who asks some pointed questions where to explore it all. It’s not just the obvious elements like your confidence that are affected… you’ll see results in your attitude, your productivity, your ability to not sweat the small stuff, and even client acquisition! (I’m serious!) After all, when you spend day after day in frumpy sweats, you start to feel frumpy yourself. Break that pattern and start looking and feeling like the sexy, confident, powerful woman that you are!

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What To Listen For

  • Dressing up the brain – how to use fashion to feel empowered
  • Tapping into your sexual energy as a source of creativity and power
  • Invest in YOU! You’ll thank yourself later ;)
  • Aligning your environment with your goal – how it will drastically expedite your journey
  • The outer affects the inner! The power of clothing to change emotions
  • If you feel sexy and attractive, will it actually attract clients too? 🤯
  • The Law of Gender, and how it affects your creativity and ideas
  • How a work-from-home outfit can help you stay productive
  • Is the mess in your home getting in the way of your success?
  • The mental energy that you waste on that one thing you keep procrastinating… and what you can do to reverse the pattern!
  • Tired of always feeling like you don’t have enough time? How to release yourself and reclaim your time


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