The Problem with “Good Enough”: Why Being Satisfied is Killing Your Dreams

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, we’re discussing the difference between being content and being satisfied. There’s a BIG difference in these two states that I want to cover today, because one of these states will help you create the results you truly want in life, and the other will keep you trapped in an experience that isn’t serving you or your potential.

What To Listen For

  • The difference between content and satisfied
  • Don’t make gratitude and desire mutually exclusive
  • The state of recognition of happiness
  • A “good enough” attitude can sneak in without you knowing and why it doesn’t work
  • Achieving your goals requires growth
  • If you’re not growing, you’re dying
  • Subconscious conflicts that occur when you’re going for more
  • Feeling like having more, doing more, and being more is wrong. (It isn’t!)
  • Why saying we should be satisfied is a disservice to ourselves (and others)
  • Desire is causative
  • What you want is always calling you forward
  • Admitting that what you want is okay
  • Listening to your desires vs dismissing your desires
  • Clues to knowing how you settle
  • The importance of going after wants AND needs
  • Fear of not being good enough and other fears that trap you
  • Breaking the cycle of fear that keeps you trapped
  • Letting go of guilt and shame
  • How embracing the next level helps you create an extraordinary life
  • Keep going for more. Keep saying yes to yourself


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