The Psychology of Making Money, Part 2 | Claiming Your Way

By Amira Alvarez

Welcome to part 2 of our four-part series on the psychology of making money, where we’re getting real about exactly how to make bank as women entrepreneurs and business owners!

If you want to level up your money game, it’s crucial that you (A) know HOW to make money, and (B) take 100% personal responsibility in doing so. When you master these things, it will build your confidence, and it will allow you to be unstoppable and go after greater and greater goals because you’ll understand exactly what it takes to get there. If you’re running your own business, learning these tactical steps will create SO much freedom in your life!! Listen in to get started.

What To Listen For

  • There’s no proven path—you have to take a leap of faith!
  • Are you getting traction in your business, or are you just busy?
  • The tactical steps you have to take in order to scale your business
  • When the desire is felt, you have the juice to go after it—so act on it now!

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