The Psychology of Making Money Part 4 | Claiming Your Feminine Essence

By Amira Alvarez

Welcome to the final part of our four-part series on the psychology of making money, where we’re getting real about exactly how to make bank as women entrepreneurs and business owners!

If you want to receive at higher and higher levels, you must learn to utilize both your masculine AND feminine energies! Generally speaking, we’re trained on how to activate the masculine side much more than the feminine side in business. But in order to create and vibrate at the level you desire, you have to learn to step into your feminine essence!

Listen to our final episode of this special series to find out why this is so critical, what the Law of Gender has to do with making money, and what you can do to activate this inherent power that you have RIGHT NOW!

What To Listen For

  • The best ways to release blocked feminine energy
  • How to nurture your feminine essence as a woman in business
  • Using the Law of Gender to find your deepest yearnings (and own them!)
  • What does creativity have to do with your feminine side?

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