Unpacking the Episode: A Deeper Look at the Manifestation Matrix

By Amira Alvarez

In this bonus episode, we’ll be taking a look behind the curtain as we unpack episodes 5 and 6, which covered mastering the Manifestation Matrix to level up your life. In this special, behind-the-scenes episode,  Sarah on Team Unstoppable will be asking Amira some pointed questions to help you understand how manifestation works and maybe get to know her a little better. If you haven’t listened to those yet, we highly recommend you check them out.

What To Listen For

• Figuring out what you really want
• Asking the right questions
• Nudging in the right direction
• Permission to explore desires – even if they’re messy!
• The life-altering line in the sand
• Fear of making mistakes
• Definitively claiming your desires
• Throwing some ideas out there
• What have you been putting off?
• What are you frustrated about not having achieved?
• What would you regret not having gone for?
• Don’t die with your music still inside you
• Amira’s own experience with owning her desires
• How do you know when something is or isn’t your “thing?”
• Listening to your body and yourself
• Learning to trust yourself
• Smallness vs. Expansiveness
• Advice for breaking the cycle of stagnation and getting unstuck
• Taking risks
• Shining a light on your actions
• Finding a mentor or coach
• Stories we tell ourselves
• Taking that leap
• Closing the gap on time
• It’s not about showing up perfect
• Massive, Immediate, Consistent action
• Getting committed to your dreams
• Running the stairs
• Taking quick, incremental steps
• Investing in yourself
• Being a lifetime learner
• What having a mentor has done for me
• Healing core wounds
• Self-Sabotage
• Distractions
• Procrastination
• Creating meaning
• Breaking patterns learned in childhood
• Shining a light on potential
• Addition to struggle and low self-worth


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