You Are The Brand! What Does it Really Mean to be “Authentic?” | Unstoppable Spotlight | Mike Kim

By Amira Alvarez

This episode is part of our special Unstoppable Spotlight Series. Today we’re talking with THE brand expert and my friend, Mike Kim! Mike is a personal branding consultant and the host of The Brand You Podcast. I want all of my business ladies to listen up to this one! Mike’s giving us a peek into his proven 8-step blueprint that has helped build the brands for some of today’s most influential thought leaders. Listen in to hear from the expert himself about the importance of having a well-developed brand, and how it will invite even more success into your life!

What To Listen For

  • You need to be fully committed to yourself in order to create a brand! Why this is so true, and how to get there
  • Not everyone makes it in the business world, but here are some tips to ensure you do!
  • Why you need to be “authentic” to grow your business (and what that really means)
  • How we can utilize the ancient art of storytelling

Make sure to order Mike’s book, You Are The Brand, by clicking the link below!


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About Mike:

Mike Kim — a business coach and marketing strategist who specializes in personal branding, product launch strategies, and copywriting. His core philosophy of marketing is this:

Marketing isn’t about closing a sale, it’s about opening a relationship.

When we get this part of marketing right, results follow. He has used this same approach to serve today’s most influential thought leaders including John Maxwell, Donald Miller, Catalyst, and Daniel G. Amen, MD. Before running his own consulting business, Mike worked for several years as the CMO of a successful multi-million dollar company near New York City. Nowadays you’ll find Mike speaking at conferences, looking for the next great place to scuba dive, and occasionally sipping a glass of single malt — all while coaching students, serving clients, and recording his show, the Brand You Podcast — a show dedicated to personal branding.

You can find Mike Kim at:

Instagram: @mikekimtv

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