From Teen Mom to $75 Million Portfolio | Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Edna Keep

By Amira Alvarez

As a single mom at age 16, Edna had the cards stacked against her. She was living in subsidized housing, working a series of waitressing and secretarial jobs, making ends meet. She dropped out of high school to raise her daughter. But she didn’t let that stop her from breaking into the world of financial planning before diving into the lucrative business of real estate investment.

Now instead of flipping tables, she’s flipping properties, boasting a real estate portfolio valued at over $75 million!!! I’m super excited to share my guest interview with the unbelievable Edna Keep—real estate mogul and come-up queen!

Listen to today’s new episode to learn more about Edna’s inspiring journey, and how she uses her experience to teach others how to build passive income from real estate so they can start living the lives they’ve always dreamed of!

What To Listen For

  • Why you should never settle for “good enough” in your life—and how to make sure you’re going for the greatness you’re capable of! (3:04)
  • Your mindset is the one thing that can make or break you as you’re going for massive wealth (16:47)
  • How to balance business and motherhood (29:48)


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About Edna Keep:

Edna Keep is real estate millionaire, coach and author of multiple ways to wealth. Her passion is helping real estate investors around the world make millions while investing in real estate.

You can find Edna at:
Twitter: @ednakeep

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