A Beginner’s Guide To Manifestation

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, I’ll be talking about manifestation aka THE CREATIVE PROCESS and how to use it to turn your big, juicy ideas into reality. Spoiler alert: it’s not magic! It’s NOT just about thinking pretty thoughts… there’s a real, practical methodology around this – which, when you get the hang of, is stupendously fun!

What To Listen For

  • Although it feels like it, it’s not magic
  • How I began doing this work
  • Where I struggled before learning this methodology
  • What learning this process did for my business – and my life
  • Discovering the Laws of the Universe
  • A conceptual understanding that I wasn’t putting into practice (but you need to)
  • Claiming your desire
  • Managing distraction (focus is big!)
  • The critical role of imagination
  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind through constant spaced repetition
  • Raising your vibration (you’ve heard of this but here’s why it’s so important)
  • Elevating your intuitive factor then trusting it
  • The essential step of turning ideas into plans
  • Avoiding confusion and overwhelm
  • Taking massive, immediate, and continuous action
  • Closing the gap on time – what this means and how to do it
  • The kind of action you must be taking
  • Persistently moving through fear, discouragement, and setbacks
  • Where faith and belief come into the mix
  • The importance of full self-expression in manifestation
  • How your fears are limiting you
  • Where security comes from (critical to what you ultimately want)

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