Stop Choosing What You Don’t Want – Do This Instead

By Amira Alvarez

Today’s episode is all about how to reverse negativity and come out on top. How many times have you had a negative experience? Life happens – with 2020 seeming to precipitate more hurdles than usual! – and disappointments are inevitable. But after the initial setback, how you choose to move forward is critical. And yes, this is a choice! When you complain about how your coworkers are slacking off, or that your newly ex-boyfriend gave up on your relationship too easily – you are choosing. That’s not to say don’t feel your feelings– do! Instead of playing into the pain of frustration or exhaustion and wallowing in it, you must choose to change your perspective, and flip the script. Because being reactive and blaming others isn’t going to get you anywhere. Listen up to hear more details on how to hold yourself to a higher standard and expand your growth instead!

What To Listen For

  • The destructive consequences of negative filtering
  • The steps that will turn your breakup into a breakthrough
  • How to reframe any situation & get out of that reactive place
  • Why you must choose in order to grow
  • Are you subconsciously moving towards painful feelings?
  • Working in alignment with the laws of the universe
  • Playing in the pain is slowly (but surely) destroying your progress
  • How your self-image affects your success – and how to change it for the better
  • Breaking free of your conditioned thinking & choices
  • Is the universe for you or against you? Your answer shapes your path to success
  • How to get out of auto-pilot & change your subconscious programming
  • Your results are inferior to your potential – it’s time to align them


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