The Importance of Being Coachable as an Entrepreneur

By Amira Alvarez

Are you someone who can take feedback without getting defensive? It’s easier said than done—and way less common than you think.

Confession time… Several years ago, I may have said that I wanted more, but I wasn’t always someone who could actually accept that I wasn’t right. When other people would point out my weak spots and areas I could grow or push myself more, I would go into total defense mode… even if the person giving me advice was my mentor himself!

But in order to grow to the next level, I had to become coachable. Listen to today’s episode to learn what I did to improve my “coachability” and foster a lifelong learning mindset.

What To Listen For

  • Why we can have a fixed and growth mindset in different areas of our lives [3:37]
  • Get yourself a coach, not a cheerleader [8:01]
  • How to not take things so personally in business [12:17]
  • How you make decisions is more important than what you decide – here’s why [14:11]

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