Create Your Own Security: How to Build Security Regardless of Outside Circumstances

By Amira Alvarez

In this special episode, we’ll be talking about the ways you can create security in these uncertain times. I know that the COVID-19 crisis is affecting us all in different ways and that many business owners are experiencing some anxiety over the rapid economic shifts we are currently experiencing as a result of this global pandemic. Given that there’s so much insecurity right now, I wanted to talk about where security comes from and how you can use the creative process to transmute your desires, ideas, and thoughts into physical, tangible results in your business so that it survives and thrives.

What To Listen For

  • Why we’re feeling insecure right now (aside from the obvious)
  • Unanswered questions
  • Things that are out of our control
  • Understanding the creative process
  • The manifestation process
  • Reprogramming your brain
  • Creating results regardless of outside circumstances
  • Security in a shifting landscape
  • Don’t get stuck reacting to circumstances!
  • How to ensure your business survives and thrives
  • Why we stop trusting our intuition
  • How to start trusting ourselves again
  • The power of what we can conceive in our minds
  • Taking action not just positive thinking
  • Getting clear on where you’re going
  • Have faith but tie up your camels
  • Take steps now as you conceive how you want to move through
  • What it takes to get the results you desire
  • Sticking with it
  • Practicing the process – growing that muscle and creating results even faster
  • Always support your vision
  • Don’t allow old beliefs to creep in
  • Get right back on the wagon
  • Keeping your word to yourself
  • Creating simple habits – Start with ONE
  • Commit to yourself
  • Building your confidence
  • Building your capacity
  • Believing in your own abilities
  • Keeping your word – even when no one is looking
  • Raising the standard for yourself
  • Don’t worry about being perfect
  • Be unstoppable


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