Don’t Let Guilt & Shame Hold You Back In Your Business | Part 1

By Amira Alvarez

In today’s episode of Coaching Uncut, I’m catching up with a client who is working on her business while traveling with her daughter in beautiful Puerto Rico. She’s experiencing that sought-after feeling of “having it all”… Amazing, right? But guilt and shame creep in there and cause suffering, telling you that you are wrong for living (or even wanting!) this incredible, delighted, lit-up life. So listen in to learn how to embrace it instead, so you can be your BEST, nurture your business, and LOVE your life all at once!

What To Listen For
  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Running a business is a constant struggle… or is it?? Let’s unpack your mindset here! [4:58]
  • Staying present in business and in life [7:10]
  • Stop holding yourself back from having it all! Here’s how to free yourself from guilt and shame–for good [11:10]
  • Review & wrap-up [15:24]

This coaching call has been recorded with permission. Please be aware that this is not a studio recording, and the sound quality may vary.


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