How She Overcame Emotional Eating & Lost 200lbs! | Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Sophie Chiche

By Amira Alvarez

Today’s episode is all about the link between your body image, your eating patterns, and your self-worth, and how it all relates to upleveling your game in your life and your business. We’re diving into it all in my interview with Sophie Chiche, multifaceted entrepreneur, author, and psychologist! Listen in to hear how Sophie was able to release 200 pounds (!!!) by ditching the fad diets and bravely facing the deep core reasons she was overeating – then learning to overcome emotional eating for good!

What To Listen For

  • Don’t fall victim to fad diets! [4:54]
  • How to stop feeding your stress with food [7:39]
  • Why don’t we believe women can be both smart AND sexy? [17:49]
  • How to know when a change in attitude won’t make a difference – and it’s time to just move on from an entrepreneurial endeavor [32:35]

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About Sophie Chiche:
Sophie Chiche is a multi-talented entrepreneur, author, speaker, journalist, and psychologist. Equal parts philosophical and practical, Sophie has a unique ability to cut through the BS that keeps people trapped in frameworks that don’t match their dreams. “I want more for people. I want people to want more for themselves. I want them to know it’s possible to have what they want.” Sophie’s presence and care create a bond where individuals, staff, and businesses feel supported and connected, which breeds safety and brings courage that leads to incredible results.

Fueled by the desire to share, inspire, activate, and amplify, Sophie’s lifelong dedication to exploring the question of “why?” has taken her all over the world. She’s presented speeches and connected with movers and shakers like Arianna Huffington and Nelson Mandela with the goal of advancing human consciousness. She has helped craft businesses and social ventures of all shapes and sizes, written for several renowned international publications, and served as a coach for high-powered entrepreneurs and executives in large corporations.

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