How to Get Back on Track When Triggered

By Amira Alvarez

Today’s episode is all about taking the steps to make a real change in your results. We’re covering how you can change your subconscious programming – which is SO important because it determines how you think about and react to your day-to-day experiences. When a problem presents itself in your life, do you let it consume you? Do you immediately complain or start to blame others? Do you try to distract yourself? Whatever it is, the time is NOW to learn how to go into problem-solving mode. The power of choice is your most powerful tool – and you must choose to interrupt the pattern… so you can finally grow into your greatness.

What To Listen For

  • The destructive consequences of negative filtering
  • Your “spiritual seed,” and getting to that next level of awareness
  • How to go into problem-solving mode when a problem arises – instead of falling back into your limited, negative thinking patterns
  • Growing into your greatness
  • Your subconscious programming – what is it, and how do you change it?
  • Adjusting your belief system so that you start getting the results you want
  • Identifying the patterns of behavior that are keeping you at your set point – and changing them for good
  • How to invest your energy & time into creating your best life
  • The ability to act quickly – how this skill is standing between you and massive success
  • Perfectionism, and the insidious ways that it’s holding you back
  • Your urge to justify how you’re feeling – and how it might be keeping you in your rut


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