How to Plan a Successful Virtual Event in Less Than a Month Part 3

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, we’re diving into more juicy details around my recent virtual summit! We’re covering how you can keep your audience engaged throughout the entire event, and using your knowledge of marketing and sales to knock it out of the park! We’re even getting into some decisions we made that seemed like a great idea in the moment… but didn’t turn out so hot. 😬 Listen up for every last detail of behind-the-scenes tips and strategies on this final episode on the virtual summit. We’re pulling back the curtain to reveal where we slayed… and where fell down and learned great lessons, so you can host your own virtual event with cash flow and clarity!

What To Listen For

  • How to host a virtual event for the first time!
  • The stage set-up – how to up-level the look of your virtual event, so you can give as much of an in-person feel as possible
  • Hire experts! How to find the right experts for you
  • The importance of persistence as you plan your virtual event
  • Marketing and sales – how we filled the “room”
  • Where we messed up – and where we should have put our energy instead
  • Adjusting live event content for virtual events
  • Behind-the-scenes of building an evergreen training
  • Getting attendees ready to network at your virtual event
  • Spending some of your earnings on the greater good
  • Keeping your audience engaged throughout the entire event – while at home!
  • What to know before your run-through
  • All the investments we made to pull off this summit – and why they were necessary
  • How we made our bonus teachings look and feel special
  • The tech-related stuff you need to know before your event
  • The importance of giving yourself enough time to test & tweak
  • Getting feedback from people – how to make it easy for guests and beneficial for you – and how not to take criticism personally
  • How to save tons of money on our next virtual summit!


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