Move Through Your Business Challenge!

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode of Coaching Uncut, I speak with a client who has had some recent challenges in her business. We’re diving deep into how to use the Law of Receiving to move through natural challenges in business and change your outcomes! Tune in to this episode to learn how you, too, can use this information to change your own business outcomes. Enjoy!

What To Listen For
  • Introduction [0:00]
  • How to manifest business success with the Law of Receiving [3:46]
  • Leave everyone with the impression of increase [7:19]
  • Establish clear expectations during onboarding [11:15]
  • Review & Wrap-up [15:58]

This coaching call has been recorded with permission. Please be aware that this is not a studio recording, and the sound quality may vary.


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