How to Raise Your Rates & Skyrocket Your Business

By Amira Alvarez

Today we’re talking about how to raise your prices! Why do some people have a harder time doing this than others, and how do you know whether it’s the right time to raise your prices in the first place? We’re getting into all that and so much more. Tune in for crucial information including the three fundamental ways to scale your business (and how to determine which method will work best for YOU) and how to handle your existing clients when rates go up!

As part of this episode, I’ve put together a special Decision Matrix download for you! This worksheet will boost your confidence as you decide whether, when, and how to raise your prices. It walks you step-by-step through all the tactical steps you need to take so you can raise your rates and watch the money flow in!! If you want to follow along with the worksheet while listening, go ahead and grab that here →

What To Listen For

  • Yes, you can raise your prices without losing customers—here’s how (06:07)
  • Don’t let perfectionism keep you from taking action!! (Easier said than done… learn how by listening in at 09:02)
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyway (16:10)
  • What’s your coachability factor? (24:56)
  • Using the Law of Compensation to raise your income and have a lit-up life (30:17)

Follow along step-by-step with The Decision Matrix Worksheet—download it here!

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