How to Stay in Continual Growth Without Taking Shortcuts: Coaching Uncut

By Amira Alvarez

In this Coaching Uncut Series we take you behind the scenes and allow you to listen in to the coaching I do with clients so you can learn right along with them! All of these coaching calls have been recorded with permission from my clients. Please be aware that these are not studio recordings and the sound quality may vary.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how you can learn to face challenges with confidence… in a way that’s sustainable for you! Your growth is defined by the obstacles you overcome – but what’s even more important is how you choose to conquer them. You must figure out a solid approach to problem-solving – but it can’t be one that’s just going to leave you feeling burnt out and exhausted. What if, when a new problem was thrown your way – you rolled your eyes for 2 seconds, but then went ahead and nipped it in the bud right then? Growth will always require you to expand and change… are you going to fight that, or invite it?

What To Listen For

How to reach a sense of calm (finally!)
Keeping your momentum going – without burning out

There are no shortcuts!

How to make sure little problems don’t become big
Learning to deal with challenges in a way that works for you
Are you fighting change – or inviting opportunity?

Get Out of Your Own Way. Increase Cash Flow. Find Your Freedom.

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