Sacrifice for the Growth of Your Business

By Amira Alvarez

What is your vision for your business? What are you willing to sacrifice to get there?

In order to reach your vision, there are some things you may need to sacrifice for growth of your business. I’m not saying you need to sacrifice your family, your relationships, or your health (these are important for your growth!), but there is a huge mindset piece that must be released.

Listen to this quick episode as I teach you the importance of the law of sacrifice for your business.

What To Listen For
  • Intro [0:00]
  • The difference between a lifestyle business and a growth business [1:43]
  • You CAN have it all! (hint: it’s iterative) [4:21]
  • You may need to sacrifice these things in order to grow your business [5:43]
  • Questions to ask to help you check yourself [8:33]
  • Review & Wrap-Up [9:46]

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