The World Needs You Rich | An Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Marissa Nehlson

By Amira Alvarez

So many women business owners understand the revenue generation side of things, and they’re well-versed in a certain amount of the business tactics and scaling strategies. But there’s so much more to learn in terms of how to really grow your assets!

That’s why I’m so excited to dive into all of that and more, during this episode of our special Unstoppable Woman Spotlight Series, where I’m talking with Marissa Nehlson! An expert in money and mindset, Marissa’s a strong believer that “the world needs you rich”—emotionally, relationally, spiritually, physically, and financially of course. ;-) PLUS we talk about how we both navigated our very different divorces—and Marissa shares everything you need to know when it comes to money and divorce!

What To Listen For

  • How to stop viewing your divorce as a failure
  • You could be a victim, or you could be victorious… it’s time to decide and take action!
  • Complacency and complaining are the two things that will keep you broke and unhappy
  • No white horse is coming to save you—so pick up your damn sword and save yourself!


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About Marissa:

Marissa is the Founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Group who came from humble beginnings as a rural North Dakota farm girl to build a multi-million-dollar financial services company. As an accomplished leader with proven results, her unique style and approach enables clients to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results. Since 1993, with over 27 years of solid experience, she built a holistic planning firm based on the core principles to educate, empower and equip individuals, organizations, and businesses to make wise choices. And recently co-founded Empowered Women LLC as she
believes empowered women empower others. As the money coach, she is a thinking partner that provides simple, powerful strategies to take you and your business to the next level.

You can find Marissa at:

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