Unpacking the Episode: A Deeper Look at How to Stay Unstoppable in the Face of Fear

By Amira Alvarez

In this bonus episode, we’ll be taking a look “behind the curtain” as we unpack episode 15, which covered how to stay unstoppable in the face of fear. In this bonus episode, we’re getting personal as Sarah on Team Unstoppable asks me some pointed questions that explore my personal experience with overcoming fears and stepping into success. If you haven’t listened to that episode, we highly recommend you check it out.

What To Listen For

  • My own unique terror barriers – What they are and how I recognize and overcome them!
  • Exhaustion, sleeplessness and hanging out under the table in the fetal position
  • Trauma that kept me on the floor – The rug was nice though :)
  • Overdoing things
  • Taking massive action
  • Why giving back is a huge part of my business model
  • What Sarah calls “The Absorption Factor”
  • Wanting everyone to have the most extraordinary life possible
  • Being a leader is raising the vibrational level
  • My top three go-to actions when hitting my terror barriers
  • Growing up surrounded by drama – And my attitude around drama now
  • Raising my self worth
  • The importance of environment
  • A critical piece for success


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